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Atlanta windows is a firm offering window replacement solutions amongst several other services. We are in this industry for a long time now and have been providing the best quality services to all our customers. We guarantee the best quality products with the best possible services attached to those products.

Services we offer

Our services include a lot of things related to window replacement and glass repairs. Some of the distinguished services that we offer are as follows:


This is our most primary service. You can buy the windows of your choice from us and one of our well-trained employees will come to install those windows at your place. We have a vast number of window types available including double hung, sliding, garden, awning, casement and bay & bow. Adding to this, if any of these windows do not fit your space appropriately, we can always help you with our custom made window designed just for you.

Free estimates

Do you want to survey the market first, before placing an order? Well, do not worry; we got you covered. Contact us today and get your free estimate of cost. You can then compare our quotations to other service providers and see for yourself if we are worthy to serve you which we guarantee we are.

You can contact us to repair your damaged windows too. We assure you in this area too that our repair services are as good as our installation services if not better. More often than not, we can fix all types of problems with your windows unless it is irreparable which is seldom the case. The windows that you have bought from us are usually under warranty and you will have free claims on those.

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Things That Professional Builders In Bundaberg Do Differently

Things That Professional Builders In Bundaberg Do Differently

Have you ever worked with professional builders in Bundaberg? Did you realize that there are things that they do differently from the other builders? If you have ever hired professional builders or interacted with them for some time, you will agree that there are things that they do differently as compared to the other builders. Most people fear that when they hire these professional builders, they will spend more than they have in their budgets. However, this is a myth that people should stop believing in, and instead, they should see the good side of having professional builders in their construction projects.


What makes a builder professional?

This is a question that you must ask yourself to know what a professional builder has and what the other builders lack. It will help you make the right decision as to who is a professional builder and who is not. This is why you have to be very keen whenever you are hiring your builders. The following are some of the things that make a builder professional.


  • Qualifications and experience

The level of qualifications and experience that one has will always determine whether they are professionals or not. Some of the builders you will find in Bundaberg may not have all the professional builder training. Building for years also enables them to learn skills that help them become better in this profession.


  • Documentation

Any professional builder in Bundaberg will have the required documentation to guarantee their clients that they are professionals in what they do. With the state’s requirements for anyone looking for a license and insurance, a qualified and experienced builder will always be in a position to meet these requirements.


  • Reputation

If you want to know whether someone is a pro in what they do, consider asking for the kind of reputation they have. Professionals thrive to ensure that they have an excellent reputation which makes them offer quality services.


What do professional builders do differently?

If you want to decide on whether the professional builders in Bundaberg are different from other builders, you should look at the things they do differently. This section comprises things that professional builders will do differently from others. They should be an eye-opener for anyone who wants to decide on whether to hire them or not.


  • Manage time efficiently

Professional builders in Bundaberg do not have time to waste when they are entrusted with a project. This is because they do not want to do anything that makes them go against the timeframe they agreed with their clients. This is why they will always manage time effectively.


  • Respect customers

Professional builders have many clients, but they always respect them all. This is because they know that they have ties between them, and they all need each other. They also respect the decisions clients make at all times.


  • Offer outstanding services

You can never compare the services that professional builders offer and what other builders will offer. Professional builders will always offer better services since they have a reputation to keep and experts in building.


  • They uphold teamwork

Most builders do not believe in teamwork. However, professional builders have been in the field for a long time, and they know what they can do when they are a team. Therefore, they support each person they are working with to ensure that they work as a team to deliver better services.

Have the best builders build your dream home. Call Newstart Homes today.

Why should you go for customized curtains

Would you like to create a style statement for your home? Perhaps you are looking to add some character to your living space. In any case it is important that you choose the right pair of curtains. You can choose graceful sheer fabric which allow the air to circulate or you might go for curtains which are completely opaque and would also help you regulate the temperature.

When you go for designer curtains Sydney you would be amazed at the wide variety of high quality window treatments which they offer. Instead of being tempted by the cheap custom curtains which are available online you can add a distinct touch of class to your home. Adding the right curtains can completely change the way a room looks.

In order to make the right choice you have to take a look at the samples of materials of colors and designs which appeal to you. Having a look at the samples would help you arrive at the final decision and you know that you have made the right choice. Ask any interior designer and they would tell you that the ultimate goal is to make your space look as attractive and practical as possible. When you go for designer curtains in Sydney this would become the whole lot easier to achieve. It doesn’t matter what kind of curtains you want for your room, whether you would go for delicate champagne colored curtains for the dining room or blackout curtains for the bedroom there is a variety from which you can choose and improve the comfort of your home.

Reasons to invest in designer curtains

There are several reasons to invest in customized curtains. With the right kind of curtains you can balance the aesthetic appeal along with the practicality. Although initially the curtains might seem like an expensive investment but they turn out to be affordable in the long run. This is because customized curtains are durable and are made to measure so that the dynamics of a room are completely altered. The right pair of curtains when maintained properly can last for more than a decade. On the other hand if you go for something which is cheap and store bought you can expect the curtains to fade away quickly or even get torn with the passage of time.

Custom made curtains are designed according to your room and your specific taste. For example if you prefer the minimalistic look you may want to invest in current runs which are made from fabric and are in the neutral shade. This kind of classy look can only be achieved with the help of designer curtains available in Sydney. However before you select a curtain maker it is important that you do the necessary research. Only go to a certain designer like Lifestyle Curtains Sydney, who is known for their excellent workmanship and high quality fabric. Make sure you keep these things in mind when selecting designer curtains for your home.

Let’s Talk About The Basics Of Home Extensions – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Let’s Talk About The Basics Of Home Extensions – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

At some point, homeowners want to extend their homes, but they do not know whether it is a good idea or not. Some will choose to sell their homes instead of developing them. Home extensions in Brisbane may add value to your home or not, depending on how it is done. As with everything, a home extension comes with its pros and cons. You must take your time and read this section before you decide on whether you will be extending your home or not.


Pros of home extensions

  • It is cheaper than buying another home

Purchasing a new home is a costly project compared to extending the home. Even though you will sell the old house to buy the new one, you will spend so much money purchasing a house. Besides buying the house, you will incur other additional expenses, making purchasing a new home extra expensive. However, when you extend your home, you will spend a fraction of what you would have spent on a new home. Remember that you are not building a new home but adding more spaces to the existing home. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheaper way of getting more space in your home, consider a home extension.


  • Extensions may increase home value.

The other benefit of home extensions is that they can help you increase the value of your home, especially if you are planning to sell your home at one point. Every buyer wants to buy a home with adequate indoor and outdoor spaces to relax with family and friends. Therefore, you get to sell your home at a better value after the extensions.


  • Less stressful

Constructive Homes extensions is less stressful as compared to buying or building a new home. For instance, you do not have to raise so much money to extend your home, and the time required to complete the project is also shorter. Moving from one home to another also costs much, mainly because one has to pay for the services offered by the movers. When you extend your home, you do not incur such costs since you already have a place to live.


  • Freedom to live in the same area

When you are used to living in a specific neighbourhood, it becomes tough for someone to leave this area. If you have to buy a new home, you will have to leave the community you have been living in for all your life in Brisbane. However, home extensions ensure that you make your home modernized and change its designs but still live in the same neighbourhood or area that you love.


Cons of home extensions

  • Some conversions do not add home value

It does not mean that you get to add the value of your home anytime you extend your home. Instead, you have to ensure that you are keen on the extensions you need to add the value you want. For instance, if you extend your garage, you will be adding more space in your home but leaving no spaces for parking. For this reason, the value of your home will not increase but will decrease due to the lack of parking.


  • Time-consuming and messy

It can be challenging for you to tell how long it will take for this project to be complete as a homeowner. You may think that you spend several weeks, but the projects will end up taking months. A lot of work is required from the beginning to the end of this project. You have to make sure that you have a comfortable living space since the project is very messy; this is one reason people decide to sell their homes rather than extend them.


The Classification of Awnings and Advantages

The Classification of Awnings and Advantages

The high temperatures on a sunny day can make room conditions intolerable and uncomfortable. Similarly, sudden rapid rainfall can prove to be too much for a window or door, and water can seep through the cracks, damaging both. If the doorway and window are left open by chance, the chances of them being damaged are high and will require costly repair and maintenance.

To prevent the above-mentioned challenges and many others, awnings were invented as secondary structures that attach or doorways or windows as an extra layer of protection against the elements.

The Types of Awnings

Many types of awnings are utilised in different contexts. The following are the most common types of awnings:

  • The freestanding awnings

As the name implies, a freestanding awning is a kind of awning that does not need to be mounted on a wall. It can stand on its own over the patios. The awning is purchased separately from the patio to allow the buyer to choose the patio type to purchase. They are usually sturdy because they are fully supported by patios, making them suitable for restaurants and poolsides.

  • The vertical awnings

These types of awnings stand vertically and look more like blinds, although they are different because they are made of different materials.

  • The retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are the most interesting because they contain adjustment knobs that can be controlled with a remote. They can either be stretched out or folded depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Not having to use your hands to open and close them will increase the lifespan as well.

  • The patio awnings

These are the types of awnings stuck on a wall then stretched out to provide extra shade in a smoking area or resting place. They are excellent if you want to increase the space of the mentioned areas instantly.

  • The portable awnings

On the other hand, portable awnings are light in weight and stand on their own. They can be moved from one location to another, depending on where the owner wants them to be.

Advantages of awnings

The following are some of the advantages of awnings.

  • They provide extra space

One of the major reasons people install awnings at their place is to provide an additional space that people may use if their home becomes too small.

  • They provide a conducive place for various tasks.

An awning makes it possible for people to carry out many tasks on a hot or rainy day without being forced to work indoors. It also provides a conducive spot for kids to play indoor games.

  • They add to the value of a home

An awning is an extended structure that helps to increase the value of the home property.

  • They can be carried for vacation

You can easily move a portable awning and carry it with you on a holiday vacation in a remote place to provide you with a roof as you go about enjoying your holiday

  • They are affordable

An awning is not as expensive compared to other secondary structures because they are light in weight and are easy to install at their required places.

If you consider purchasing a secondary structure that can save you money in many ways, consider buying an awning. Besides, there are different types of awnings to choose from, and you can choose according to your budget. It is almost impossible to complete outdoor tasks in Australia during the summer because high temperatures and awnings can help create a conducive atmosphere.



What should you include on the custom printed marquee?

What should you include on the custom printed marquee?

There are numerous methods of promoting a business. Science and innovation have taken commercials for an organisation’s brand to a whole new level. There are proficient and practical methods for publicising products and ventures today. Printed marquee is one such strategy.

Exceptionally printed marquees are compact, independent designs that comprise the advertisement of the organisation’s image and items. They are typically used on business occasions because they are understandable and difficult to miss.

Essential things to remember for a printed marquee

If you choose to buy a printed marquee, there are a few things that you ought to remember to include on it.

  • Print your company’s logo on it – A logo is a fundamental component that must be most visible on the marquee. A few people choose to have various logo prints on a given piece of the marquee. The name of the organisation is normally put either inside, beneath, or on the logo.
  • Images of products – You should also print the most regular items that your organisation manages. The picture ought to be of great quality and easily recognised from afar.
  • Organisation’s theme – The color scheme of the marquee should always match that of the brand. This is to create brand continuity and make it easily-recognisable to customers. This way, even if the full, detailed logo cannot appear on the marquee, the unique colors will notify customers that they are looking at a marquee of your brand.
  • A short details of items – A short detail of the items that you give is vital. Put as much information as possible in as little space possible. Be intentional with your words and stray from unnecessary verbiage.

Specially printed marquees are vital to marketing and publicising; organisations ought to consider going for a couple of them. They generate excitement for the customer as special designs signify preciousness, as it strays from the usual of the brand. Marquees will help you cut down on the expenses of marketing since it communicates to numerous individuals simultaneously without getting exhausted, unlike a salesman in the same scenario.

Favourable circumstances of buying a printed marquee

There are many benefits to printed marquees. Here are the most influential

  • They are a cheaper means of marketing – Printed marquees are cheaper when contrasted with different methods for promotions. The design is effectively achievable at a reasonable price. When the marquee is deployed, the business acquires an upper hand and gets more customers.
  • They are flexible – A printed marquee can be used in many different ways, and can take on many forms. It is also easier to ensure that all the correct information is being conveyed to the customer instead of relying on a salesperson who might forget a few details.
  • They pull in more possible customers – The printed marquees can be handed out at organisations where there are many potential customers. It makes those who were unaware aware of your brand and increased the chances of gaining new customers.
  • It has many uses – One of the significant focal points of an exclusively printed marquee is that it tends to be utilised in any sort of open-air business occasion. This permits the business to save money on the expense that would be brought about if such occasions were to be facilitated in a meeting hall.

Outdoor Instant Shelters can provide you with a durable printed marquee for any event. Give them a call or pay their shop a visit.



Benefits of Contracting a Custom Home Builder in Brisbane

Benefits of Contracting a Custom Home Builder in Brisbane

Building a custom home can be an overwhelming experience. But with a custom home builder in Brisbane, you can build a home that meets your dream home specifications for your family to have a living space they can call home and feel proud of. It is about the comfort you consider while building a custom home and about the dream location for your home and other perks such as energy-efficient suppliers, privacy, and more.

Finding the right builder in Brisbane is essential if you want to achieve the following:

Seamless design/build process: You have a smooth process right from the inception of your dream home to the final touches. Instead of dealing with many contractors, a custom builder takes care of everything from start to finish. Wait for the keys to unlock your dream home and live the way you want. You will only agree on the final cost of building a custom home, and the builder will take care of all the nitty-gritty things for the project to complete successfully.

You finally have a dream home come true: A custom builder will work around the clock to get you a dream home. Make sure you discuss your dream home’s details and let the custom builder internalize every concept so that nothing is left or forgotten. Create a specific timeline for deliverables and milestones achieved by ticking your checklist every step of the build process.

Live wherever you want: If you are going for a custom-built home, it means you have the parcel beforehand to develop. While searching for the plot, you have the freedom to buy land wherever you desire. Whether you love urban centres, the countryside or suburbs, it is all up to you. So make sure you acquire the plot in a place you desire your family to live.

Tweak the designs without restrictions: You can tweak your dream home’s design as much as you like before building the actual structures. Brainstorm ideas with builders, architects, and family members before arriving at the final decision.

Energy-efficiency thought: While building your new home, you can incorporate energy-efficient appliances per your desires or following local authorities’ specifications. When building your new custom home, make sure you buy all energy star-rated appliances for your home to be sustainable-conscious.

Custom appliances: Apart from your home becoming energy-efficient, you can go further to incorporate custom appliances that will make your work easier. A vacuum, for example, some people hate lugging vacuums around their homes while vacuuming. With a central vacuum system, you can press the button, and every room in your home gets vacuumed. If you hate manual laundry or laundry machines that are slow and inefficient, it is your chance to buy faster and efficient laundry machines that will get the job done without too much hassle from the users.

Save money: You can save a lot of money in the long run if your builder sticks to the actual plan and nothing more. You will have no messy and unplanned installations; you only get the ideal space you want for your sweet home.

Less maintenance: For the next ten to twenty years, you will expect minimum repairs because there are fewer things to repair in your home. Every appliance in your home is new, and it will last a long time before it calls for minor repairs and maintenance.



How to Convert Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Kitchen

How to Convert Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Kitchen


Perhaps the best portion of the hotter New Jersey climate is investing more energy outside. Those that affection the mid year climate would most likely concur, it travels every which way excessively fast. Capitalize on your time outside this late spring by transforming your patio into a space you genuinely appreciate. 


Here are five different ways you can change your lawn into a mid year desert spring with canberra kitchen renovations.

Make a plan

At the point when the time has come to overhaul your terrace, the potential outcomes are inestimable so it is ideal to write your contemplations down to start. What kind of room would you like to make? Do you plan on engaging or are searching for a serene zone to invest your energy in? Make a rundown of needs and musts so you can deal with making and adhering to a financial plan.


In the event that your current lawn just comprises grass, introducing a stone yard is an incredible advance to making a patio desert spring. Solid pavers arrive in an assortment of sizes and shadings. With a little assistance, you can make a design that is both wonderful and valuable. 

Assemble an open air fire ring

Adding a fire ring or chimney is a most loved lawn even in the mid year months. There are a wide range of adaptations including metal and bronze rings that you can discover at neighborhood home improvement stores. In the event that you need to make it a point of convergence, consider utilizing arranging stone to fabricate a decorative encompassing territory. 

Add surface

Holding dividers is another incredible method to redesign your patio since they add tallness, surface, and the excellence of stone or block. You can likewise add surface with stream rocks or by utilizing pavers to layout your nursery and other terrace regions. 


Construct an outside kitchen

Open air kitchens are moving nowadays. They frequently remember a fridge and oven for expansion to a conventional flame broil. This is an absolute necessity to have highlights in the event that you are hoping to engage more without the trouble of dealing with a menu inside and visitors outside. 

Make concealed regions 

The sun can be fierce in the late spring months. On the off chance that you don’t have normal shade, get imaginative by matching white drapes with bamboo sticks to make your own concealed desert garden. 


Open air lighting not just expands the utilization of your patio desert garden, however it likewise makes your home more secure on the grounds that gatecrashers are more averse to visit. Light strings go far in boosting the climate around evening time or consider utilizing current tiki lights that help fend bugs off. 


Regardless of whether you are hoping to make a tranquil patio desert spring or a prime spot for engaging this mid year, Morris Brick and Stone can help! Reach us or plan on visiting our showroom to see our block and stone items today.


Is It Possible to Replace a Window Without Building Works?

Being faced with a renovation can be stressful and costly. Having a construction site at home even for a few days means accepting the constant coming and going of the workers, the impossibility of using one or more rooms and having an inevitable layer of dust on furniture and knick-knacks.

However, it is possible to reduce the inconvenience caused by renovations, This kind of work for the modernization of worn , creaking or drafty frames is the ideal solution for those who need to reduce the time, costs and duration of the installation of new windows without walls to break, nor debris to be disposed of.

Replace old wooden windows with PVC or aluminum window frames
The choice to change an old wooden and glass window can be linked to the need to improve the thermo-acoustic insulation of the house, to the desire to increase one’s own safety by preventing intrusion attempts or simply to the need to avoid damage due to infiltrations of ‘water.

Allowing considerable energy savings linked to the reduction of heat loss . The ideal is to proceed with the installation of aluminum windows with thermal break or PVC. In fact, both materials guarantee an excellent seal against atmospheric agents and the wear and tear of time, offering a good quality / price ratio and an incomparable level of insulation compared to old windows.

No broken walls or debris: just a new frame to overlap the old one
To replace a window without masonry work, it is necessary to contact an expert window maker or a company specialized in this type of work.

This is an innovative solution that involves the use of a special profile to be applied directly on the old frame without the need to remove the windows in poor condition and no longer efficient. In fact, the actual replacement of the window is not envisaged, but the overlapping of a profilein PVC or aluminum. Installation is done quickly and cleanly, simply using screws and hinges to fix the new profile. Furthermore, a couple of hours per window are sufficient and the quality / price ratio is really advantageous compared to the actual replacement of worn frames.

The only negative aspect of this mounting technique is the loss of light inside the house (about 10% less brightness). The new frame tends to narrow the original window by about 15 centimeters.

Modernize or replace fixtures: how to take advantage of the 65% tax bonus

The replacement of fixtures, with or without masonry works, is part of the renovation works that can benefit from the tax deductions provided for the improvement of the energy efficiency of homes . The state incentive for simple building renovations is equal to 50% of the expenditure made, recoverable in 10 years; while for more complex interventions that allow effective energy savings even in non-residential . It is therefore advisable to avoid saving on the quality of materials and also carefully consider the possibility of replacing and completely removing the old windows. What are you waiting for? Request your quote now !

How to Replace a Window

Your new windows can only prove their benefits in terms of functionality, aesthetics, reduced energy consumption and optimum acoustic protection if they are fitted correctly.

Unfortunately, it often happens that many installers replace the window, leaving the old frame , it is a bad habit, very common only in Italy.

Instead of removing the frame of the old window , it is covered by hiding it .As if to say: instead of cleaning the room, you sweep the dirt under the carpet. Removing the frames requires time, effort, skill and caution to avoid damage.

It costs more and is more difficult.

Those who work by piece prefer not to do it: but the final work suffers, in terms of brightness (the glazed surface is reduced ) and thermal and acoustic insulation (the insulation is less effective), even if at first glance it is difficult to notice.

The manufacturers of PVC windows and doors have adapted by creating windows with a so-called Zeta profile or restructuring , suitable for masking the old frames, especially for the Italian market.

Generally there are 2 different installation techniques to replace a window 

Laying in “overlap” : the new window is laid over the frame of the old window which is not removed.

It is the simplest way, it takes less time and effort, it is the method adopted by the vast majority of installers: in a few minutes only the sashes of the old windows are removed and the frame is left anchored to the wall, so the frame of the new window will simply be screwed to the old frame: 2 frames !! old and new, and since the window opening is always the same it is clear that the sashes (including the glass surface) of the new window will be smaller !!!


  • It’s much simpler, it takes less time and effort.
  • The installation, for you customer, costs less (should?), Certainly costs less for installers.
  • Even the new window costs you less (should it?), Being smaller than the existing one.


  • The new window is about 8 cm narrower and about 4 cm lower, light is lost from the window, both when it is open and when it is closed: the glass surface will be reduced and a lot, especially for those narrow and high windows .
  • Poor optimization of thermal and acoustic insulation: the separation surface between the old and the new frame, along the entire perimeter of the window, cannot be properly sealed, because when installing the new Zeta frame or renovation frame it is not possible foaming between the old and the new frame. The result is that despite having purchased a window with very high thermal and acoustic performance, the actual advantages are only very limited: noise, drafts, heat, cold pass, they are not kept out of the house.
  • The old frame, with previously mentioned, is hidden with special profiles (Zeta, renovation) or with rather thick architraves: to the detriment of the aesthetic result which is not very pleasant.

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