Looking for a successful career in the interior and design industry? Do you have some educational background or experience in interior and design background? You must have a great portfolio to succeed in this field. Here are some of the tips for a successful career in the interior design industry.

Develop a winning portfolio

You can exhibit great skills in colours and textiles but without a selling career portfolio in the design industry, it becomes hard to break the brims. Your design projects become a pivot point for a successful career in the industry. And if you are new in the industry, you might consider offering interior design services for free or at an extremely lower cost for an opportunity to showcase what you have and let others trust the work of your hands. You are also presented with an opportunity to build your network through interaction with merchandisers, event organizers and a chance to develop a rapport with future projects.

Creating a great portfolio starts with that first project, doing it right makes it a pivotal point to propel your career to the next level. Interior designing is comparable to a competition, the earlier you win a client’s attention the higher your chances of getting projects to work on. One of the key points to note is getting your skills noticed by potential clients. Another important aspect that will boost your career in the interior and design industry is getting additional education and certifications to back up what you offer to clients. With proper education, you earn an upper hand. You will keep up to date with what’s trending through publications, researching, and networking with colleagues in the same industry, plus, it is beneficial to find a mentor.

Become a people person

Interior designers will love to share stories about their past clients or projects whether good or bad. Sharing stories and listening to clients attentively is a good way to know what their favourites are, what they would like their interior spaces to look like and implement these facts when given an opportunity. Your client is the most important person to share stories with, with your good listening skills you will comprehend what your clients want and bring to life their ideas and visions. While clients might have clear visions that they want you to actualize, some may change their minds amid the project.

As an interior designer, you should become flexible enough to accommodate developing changes or have the heart to redo where clients become dissatisfied with your final work. To become a successful interior designer, you should become sociable, a good mitigator and a pleaser otherwise, the field is full of ups and downs that require clever and critical thinkers.

Be relevant with current trends and technologies

Take advantage of technological advances to take your interior design career to the next level. Make good use of techs such as zoom, skype and key design software to deliver wonderful designs to customers. You will have an edge using virtual interior room designs over your competitors when you keep tabs on today’s technological trends and innovations. The salary in the interior design Sydney industry isn’t as lucrative as people think. If you are lucky to secure employment, learn to manage your expectations because not all in the interior and design industry is rosy.