The role of body corporate managers is to act as the body corporate’s personal assistant, secretary and accountant. This person is appointed by an ordinary resolution of the general meeting. In most instances, the manager has no direct power over the committee. However, in rare cases, the committee may elect to address an issue through a Voting Outside Committee Meeting.

SSKB team of professional community managers

A team of professional community managers from Stratasphere can be a valuable asset to a strata community. SSKB specializes in strata schemes and provides accurate and prompt advice to help developers build buildings that attract and retain buyers. In addition, they provide realistic body corporate levies and intelligent ways to increase developer margins.

Community managers are the professional backbone of strata communities and provide the expertise needed to run successful associations. There are numerous resources available to help community managers grow their careers and stay up-to-date on news and best practices from management companies. A career in community management is a great fit for individuals with a variety of backgrounds and qualifications.

BMCS accreditation pathway

There are many benefits to gaining a BMCS accreditation for body corporate managers. It can streamline your business and provide the assurance of high quality, compliant outcomes. BMCS accreditation also provides you with the knowledge of best practices and industry standards. It can help you mediate disputes and provide a unbiased assessment of your services.

Conducting due diligence when selecting a new body corporate manager

Due diligence is the process of thoroughly reviewing a company or organisation prior to a business transaction. It enables a company or organisation to make informed decisions about a potential acquisition. Due diligence is often time-consuming and expensive and can involve months and specialist hours. It is essential, however, for the smooth running of any M&A transaction.

When selecting a new body corporate manager, it is imperative that the body corporate committee carries out the necessary due diligence. To do so, they should appoint a working group or sub-committee that is given sufficient time to carry out research. They should also conduct interviews with potential strata managers and present their findings to the body corporate committee. If there are any discrepancies, the committee should challenge the findings and request further information.

Managing a body corporate is complex, particularly when it relates to sectional title schemes. There are a number of rules and regulations that need to be adhered to and regular scheme checks must be conducted to ensure the scheme is up to date on its legal obligations. An experienced managing agent will be able to deal with all these issues and be sensitive to the needs of the members.

Body corporates are made up of multiple owners. A managing agent works for the benefit of all Owners. This role is important in the management of the property and provides advice on financial administration and legal compliance. In many cases, the managing agent is also the person responsible for overseeing contractors and suppliers that work on the property.

Managing agents also have a statutory duty to report on the administration of the scheme to the body corporate committee every four months. EMAs must make it a point to prepare a comprehensive scheme administration report for the body corporate members. They also need to keep records of payments.