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Atlanta windows is a firm offering window replacement solutions amongst several other services. We are in this industry for a long time now and have been providing the best quality services to all our customers. We guarantee the best quality products with the best possible services attached to those products.

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Our services include a lot of things related to window replacement and glass repairs. Some of the distinguished services that we offer are as follows:


This is our most primary service. You can buy the windows of your choice from us and one of our well-trained employees will come to install those windows at your place. We have a vast number of window types available including double hung, sliding, garden, awning, casement and bay & bow. Adding to this, if any of these windows do not fit your space appropriately, we can always help you with our custom made window designed just for you.

Free estimates

Do you want to survey the market first, before placing an order? Well, do not worry; we got you covered. Contact us today and get your free estimate of cost. You can then compare our quotations to other service providers and see for yourself if we are worthy to serve you which we guarantee we are.

You can contact us to repair your damaged windows too. We assure you in this area too that our repair services are as good as our installation services if not better. More often than not, we can fix all types of problems with your windows unless it is irreparable which is seldom the case. The windows that you have bought from us are usually under warranty and you will have free claims on those.

Our Latest Posts

Is It Possible to Replace a Window Without Building Works?

Being faced with a renovation can be stressful and costly. Having a construction site at home even for a few days means accepting the constant coming and going of the workers, the impossibility of using one or more rooms and having an inevitable layer of dust on furniture and knick-knacks.

However, it is possible to reduce the inconvenience caused by renovations, This kind of work for the modernization of worn , creaking or drafty frames is the ideal solution for those who need to reduce the time, costs and duration of the installation of new windows without walls to break, nor debris to be disposed of.

Replace old wooden windows with PVC or aluminum window frames
The choice to change an old wooden and glass window can be linked to the need to improve the thermo-acoustic insulation of the house, to the desire to increase one’s own safety by preventing intrusion attempts or simply to the need to avoid damage due to infiltrations of ‘water.

Allowing considerable energy savings linked to the reduction of heat loss . The ideal is to proceed with the installation of aluminum windows with thermal break or PVC. In fact, both materials guarantee an excellent seal against atmospheric agents and the wear and tear of time, offering a good quality / price ratio and an incomparable level of insulation compared to old windows.

No broken walls or debris: just a new frame to overlap the old one
To replace a window without masonry work, it is necessary to contact an expert window maker or a company specialized in this type of work.

This is an innovative solution that involves the use of a special profile to be applied directly on the old frame without the need to remove the windows in poor condition and no longer efficient. In fact, the actual replacement of the window is not envisaged, but the overlapping of a profilein PVC or aluminum. Installation is done quickly and cleanly, simply using screws and hinges to fix the new profile. Furthermore, a couple of hours per window are sufficient and the quality / price ratio is really advantageous compared to the actual replacement of worn frames.

The only negative aspect of this mounting technique is the loss of light inside the house (about 10% less brightness). The new frame tends to narrow the original window by about 15 centimeters.

Modernize or replace fixtures: how to take advantage of the 65% tax bonus

The replacement of fixtures, with or without masonry works, is part of the renovation works that can benefit from the tax deductions provided for the improvement of the energy efficiency of homes . The state incentive for simple building renovations is equal to 50% of the expenditure made, recoverable in 10 years; while for more complex interventions that allow effective energy savings even in non-residential . It is therefore advisable to avoid saving on the quality of materials and also carefully consider the possibility of replacing and completely removing the old windows. What are you waiting for? Request your quote now !

How to Replace a Window

Your new windows can only prove their benefits in terms of functionality, aesthetics, reduced energy consumption and optimum acoustic protection if they are fitted correctly.

Unfortunately, it often happens that many installers replace the window, leaving the old frame , it is a bad habit, very common only in Italy.

Instead of removing the frame of the old window , it is covered by hiding it .As if to say: instead of cleaning the room, you sweep the dirt under the carpet. Removing the frames requires time, effort, skill and caution to avoid damage.

It costs more and is more difficult.

Those who work by piece prefer not to do it: but the final work suffers, in terms of brightness (the glazed surface is reduced ) and thermal and acoustic insulation (the insulation is less effective), even if at first glance it is difficult to notice.

The manufacturers of PVC windows and doors have adapted by creating windows with a so-called Zeta profile or restructuring , suitable for masking the old frames, especially for the Italian market.

Generally there are 2 different installation techniques to replace a window 

Laying in “overlap” : the new window is laid over the frame of the old window which is not removed.

It is the simplest way, it takes less time and effort, it is the method adopted by the vast majority of installers: in a few minutes only the sashes of the old windows are removed and the frame is left anchored to the wall, so the frame of the new window will simply be screwed to the old frame: 2 frames !! old and new, and since the window opening is always the same it is clear that the sashes (including the glass surface) of the new window will be smaller !!!


  • It’s much simpler, it takes less time and effort.
  • The installation, for you customer, costs less (should?), Certainly costs less for installers.
  • Even the new window costs you less (should it?), Being smaller than the existing one.


  • The new window is about 8 cm narrower and about 4 cm lower, light is lost from the window, both when it is open and when it is closed: the glass surface will be reduced and a lot, especially for those narrow and high windows .
  • Poor optimization of thermal and acoustic insulation: the separation surface between the old and the new frame, along the entire perimeter of the window, cannot be properly sealed, because when installing the new Zeta frame or renovation frame it is not possible foaming between the old and the new frame. The result is that despite having purchased a window with very high thermal and acoustic performance, the actual advantages are only very limited: noise, drafts, heat, cold pass, they are not kept out of the house.
  • The old frame, with previously mentioned, is hidden with special profiles (Zeta, renovation) or with rather thick architraves: to the detriment of the aesthetic result which is not very pleasant.

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